What's Comic Live?


Comic live is a Doujin(Fanzin) convention organized since more than 20 years throughout Japan.
It is one of the country's most important events.
It currently takes place more than 250 times a year, starting at Tokyo and then through all Japan.

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"MANGA PAL" is the website which gives you latest informations and artworks of Doujinshi from Japan.
We want to let you know how interesting and exiting they are and become like them.
Because most of them are formed many graphics ,so you can understand what they want to show in thire artworks very easliy.You don't have to study Japanese or other languages to understand Doujinshi.
Many Doujinshi artists in Japan want to be friend with Manga fans in overseas.
Let's get and read thire works and tell the inpression of them to artists !
And you can get the chance to be friends with them.
We wish that we help you to be friends with Manga fans all over the world.

Official Web site of MANGA PAL.